EPEE supports the EU’s F-gas rules and has pledged to do all we can to make them a success.
As part of our pledge, we work on raising awareness on the rules through communication tools (see below for more information).
The EU must now work to ensure that the review of these rules is built on the existing requirements in a pragmatic, forward looking way.

F-gases are mainly used in the heating and cooling sector, making them a necessary tool for the EU to fulfil its Green Deal contract with future generations. Heating and cooling represent half of the total final energy consumption in Europe and the sector must decarbonise rapidly through the growing use of electrical heat pumps. F-gases are needed to accommodate the full variety of heat pump applications as well as their safety and energy efficiency.

EPEE has been a long-time supporter of the EU’s 2014 F-Gas Regulation. Delivering tangible emission savings year after year since its entry into force – the highest of all non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions – the EU’s 2014 F-Gas Regulation has been an effective gold standard for regulating F-gases, positioning the EU as a global leader. The 2021 revision of these rules must focus on fine-tuning the existing requirements in an intelligent, forward looking way without falling in the trap of dogmatic decisions.

Relevant legislation & policies

The EU adopted its current F-gas Regulation in 2014, which replaced the 2006 Framework.
With the introduction of a cap- and phasedown of 79% by 2030 the legislation fundamentally changes the way industry can use HFCs. How? Find out more in our FAQ!

EPEE supports the F-gas rules and have pledged to all we can to make them a success. The European Commission is currently reviewing the F-gas rules to ensure the framework’s alignment with the common 2030 and 2050 climate targets under the European Climate Law. A proposal for the revised regulation is expected by the end of 2021. EPEE actively monitors the situation to ensure that voice of the European refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector is heard in the process.

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Explaining the F-gas Rules
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Video on the phase-down :

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