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In the EU adopted a new EU F-gas Regulation in 2014, which replaces the 2006 Framework
With the introduction of a cap- and phasedown of 79% by 2030 the legislation will fundamentally change the way industry can use HFCs. How? Find out more in our FAQ!
EPEE supports the new F-gas rules and have pledged to all we can to make them a success. EU Member States must now also work hard to ensure transposition at local level:

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Green: The F-gas rules have been implemented and updated requirements have been adopted
Yellow: Implementation is in progress
Orange: No progress made
Blue : No information available

Additional taxation schemes are in place in : Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland

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Explaining the new F-gas Rules

  • EPEE FAQ on the new F-gas Regulation english german italian spanish french
  • EPEE Factsheet on the New Fgas Regulation english german italian spanish french japanese chinese


Video on the phase-down :

The video can also be viewed in French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

For more information on our gapometer work, see here: The Gapometer – FAQ

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