PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable Europe Investment Plan

15 / 01 / 2020

EPEE welcomes the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan – for it to succeed, energy efficiency must be a priority

Today, the European Commission released a communication on the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan (SEIP), the financial pillar of the European Green Deal. The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), the voice of the cooling industry in Europe, welcomes the initiative and supports the Commission’s efforts to mobilise public and private investment to achieve the ambitious measures set out in the European Green Deal.

The Sustainable Europe Investment Plan features a Just Transition Mechanism that will focus on those regions and sectors that are most affected by the transition due to their high dependence on fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industrial processes.

For the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan and the Just Transition Mechanism to succeed, energy efficiency combined with a shift towards renewable energies must be prioritized. Sustainable cooling offers solutions:


Andrea Voigt, EPEE Director General, said: “Cooling is indispensable for our society, and we have the solutions to contribute effectively to reach carbon neutrality and help the EU achieve its climate and energy goals. Cooling is part of the solution, and its potential needs to be better recognised!”

The EPEE White Paper on sustainable cooling (#CountOnCooling) outlines five steps which would result in optimising cooling demand, increasing the energy efficiency of cooling systems, and enabling a shift towards renewable energy sources by integrating the cooling sector into the power generation system.



The European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE) represents the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry in Europe. Founded in the year 2000, EPEE’s membership is composed of over 50 member companies as well as national and international associations from three continents (Europe, North America, Asia).

With manufacturing sites and research and development facilities across the EU, which innovate for the global market, EPEE member companies realize a turnover of over 30 billion Euros, employ more than 200,000 people in Europe and also create indirect employment through a vast network of small and medium-sized enterprises such as contractors who install, service and maintain equipment.

As an expert association, EPEE is supporting safe, environmentally and economically viable technologies with the objective of promoting a better understanding of the sector in the EU and contributing to the development of effective European policies. Please see our website ( for further information.

As part of the activities EPEE and its members are undertaking to raise awareness on sustainable cooling, EPEE will launch a broader #CountOnCooling campaign. The EPEE White Paper “Count on Cooling: A five-step approach to deliver sustainable cooling” examines the crucial role of cooling in the 21st century.

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