NEW! HFO FAQ + Lessons Learned

08 / 11 / 2018

EPEE, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment, shares two new publications:


The new EU F-Gas Regulation came into force in January 2015 and brought in several new elements, the most important being the HFC phase-down system. EPEE, representing the heating, cooling and refrigeration industry in Europe, provides an overview in this paper of lessons learned from the European experience for countries which are currently considering different options to achieve the Kigali HFC phase-down steps.



  1. What are HFOs? What are halo-olefins?
  2. What is the difference between HFOs and
  3. How are HFOs different from HFCs?
  4. Are all HFOs the same?
  5. Are HFOs flammable?
  6. (…)


You can find our two new publications here and here. Happy reading!