Market Surveillance

EPEE members continuously raise awareness about the need for a robust market surveillance framework for Europe. EPEE organises events at both national and European levels and calls upon EU and national decision-makers to ensure compliance with EU legislation.

No legislation will meet its objectives if it is not properly implemented at national level and abided with by industry.
Market Surveillance – the activities carried out by public authorities to ensure that products comply with the requirements set out in the relevant legislation – is therefore a must. Not only is this key to avoiding distortions of the market, market surveillance also aims at protecting consumers from fraudulent products. And again, it is the only way to ensure policy goals such as climate and energy efficiency objectives can be met in practice.
Market Surveillance in the EU can still be improved in some areas for a number of reasons, including lack of awareness, enforcement, testing and resources and that is why EPEE is committed to contributing to a better functioning market surveillance across the EU.



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