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By becoming an EPEE member, your organisation will be one step ahead of the regulatory developments impacting the HVACR industry, and you will be able to lend your voice and expertise to the only pan-European industry-wide coalition defending your interests.

We are the “voice” of the refrigeration industry in Europe

Established in 2000, EPEE represents the interests of the air-conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration industry (HVACR). This aim is reached by participating at an early stage in the European regulatory and legislative decision-making process and by promoting an understanding of the environmental and societal benefits of HFCs as refrigerants.

Right from the start, EPEE has recorded considerable achievements, an example of which was the adoption of the EU Regulation on certain fluorinated Gases, which recognised ‘containment’ as the best option for the handling of F-gases, instead of bans, as was originally planned.

EPEE has established itself as the industry’s voice at both the EU and national levels to promote the continued availability of HFCs as the only viable solution for the majority of applications in the HVACR market for the foreseeable future.

We face upcoming regulatory challenges

Despite the many successes recorded by EPEE, there are still many challenges looming for our industry.

The EU Regulation on certain fluorinated gases was certainly a milestone for our industry: we now need to demonstrate that it achieves significant emission reductions. “Making F-gas Regulation a success” is still one of our priorities for the years to come, and we are keen to demonstrate that no restriction or bans will be required during the upcoming review of the Regulation.

Throughout the year, EU and national policies have strongly evolved, providing both challenges and opportunities for our industry. EPEE is now heavily involved in issues such as energy efficiency, eco-labelling, waste & recycling, and the eco-design of energy using products, all of which have a significant financial impact on our members.

We aim to keep tackling these major debates in the years to come and demonstrate that our industry is committed to ‘do its part’ on climate change and other environment-related issues.

We provide our members with the chance to get heard across Europe

Our members get the chance to directly contribute and participate in our actions through our different working groups, and we are very much of the view that the coalition works ‘by its members, for its members’. In other words, being a member gives you the chance to get your voice heard in the EU through a well-organised and recognised coalition.

In addition, membership provides you with a unique opportunity to be kept aware of the ongoing legislative activities in both the EU and Member States. Membership of EPEE provides the following benefits:

To further strengthen EPEE’s message and political impact in both Brussels and the Member States, EPEE is always looking to extend its current membership.

We invite you to have a look at our brochure or contact us for more information. Please email us at or simply complete and return EPEE’s downloadable application form.