EUREKA Roadshow Italy // 15 September 2017 // Mestre

06 / 09 / 2017

It would be impossible to imagine our lives without heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration – yet we tend to overlook the industry that is providing all these technologies.

What will the future look like for this industry? More importantly, what will future generations expect from it? And how can the industry respond? The organisations behind the EUREKA initiative – EPEE & EVIA – are committed to helping industry prepare for the future and best respond to the need and expectations of future customers.

For this purpose, EPEE and EVIA have launched a “EUREKA roadshow”, aiming to organise various events at national level to discuss the challenges industry faces across EU Member States.

The first stop of the roadshow is Italy! Join us on 15 September in Mestre for a half-a-day conference, paving the way for EUREKA 2017.

Register and join our journey!

For more information about the event, visit the dedicated EUREKA website