EPEE welcomes Kigali Amendment’s entry into force

09 / 01 / 2019

New year – new start: the Kigali Amendment entered into force on 1st January!

The world has taken an important step: this global deal on HFCs will send a strong signal & unite our industry even more in its efforts to achieve HFC reduction targets!

EPEE supports the gradual reduction of HFC use by 80-85% as agreed by the Montreal Protocol in the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the EU F-gas phase down.

EPEE has been working closely with EU and national decision makers, industry, end-users and schools to both raise awareness and provide guidance for successful implementation of the EU F-gas Regulation. Through its EU Gapometer, EPEE has identified the main challenges to achieve the phase-down goals and the concrete actions needed to tackle those challenges.

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