EPEE side event in Dubai

01 / 11 / 2015

At a workshop organised on 1 November by the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), representing the European heating, cooling and refrigeration industry, in the framework of the 27th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol in Dubai, participants were introduced to a new and innovative tool to measure compliance with the EU F-Gas Regulation, and in particular the phase down of HFCs.

The so-called “Gapometer”, which is currently being developed by EPEE, aims to define a route towards a successful phase down of HFCs in Europe and will identify the biggest risks of gaps between required and actual progress.

Andrea Voigt, Director General of EPEE, said: “EPEE is very much committed to supporting the implementation of the EU F-Gas Regulation and its ambitious phase-down objectives. This is why the Gapometer is so important, as it shows what needs to be done to achieve the phase down goals and identifies potential pitfalls -and opportunities – across Europe.”

The event also included an intervention from Paul de Larminat, Johnson Controls, who introduced the work of EPEE’s Low Emission Task Force which is overseeing the project.

Mr de Larminat said: “As EPEE members we want to ensure that the F-Gas Regulation – and the phase down in particular – is properly adhered to by EU Member States. The Gapometer can play a crucial role in this regard.”

The audience included industry representatives, associations, and policy-makers from across the world, all of whom were given the opportunity to find out more about the EU-F-Gas Regulation and what it requires.

Ms Voigt concluded: “The F-Gas Regulation is applicable in Europe, but actually it will have far-reaching consequences for international companies who will need to abide by its provisions when operating in Europe.”

“It seems as well that other jurisdictions are following the EU’s lead and planning a similar approach to tackling F-Gas emissions. This is what makes the EU context so interesting and relevant, and this is why EPEE is investing so much time and resources into informing our international colleagues of the current situation.”

Please see the EPEE Presentation of the Gapometer.

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