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The F-gas Regulation

Major changes in the Regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases:

Please see the EPEE factsheet and FAQ for more information.

The new rules represent a major change compared to the already existing F-gas rules, as a cap- and phase down of HFC consumption will be introduced as of 2015.

The cap and phase-down will achieve a 79% reduction by 2030. To support the phase-down mechanism, the EU institutions have also agreed to introduce limits on the use of refrigerants in new equipment and for the service and maintenance of equipment.

In addition, a new system to trace imported equipment that is filled with F-gases (so-called pre-charged equipment) will also be introduced.

EPEE members believe that the final agreement will help to position the EU as a strong actor on HFCs and will send a strong message to industry to switch to lower GWP technologies as soon as possible.

EPEE will take its responsibility seriously to ensure an appropriate promotion and understanding of the rules within industry and has published a pledge with EPEE's commitments. This pledge can be accessed here.

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